Michael Ronald Moore, 50, passed away December 8, 2010 in San Diego. A devoted father, husband, brother, son and dear friend to many, he is survived by his wife Veronica, son Ryan, daughter Amanda, brother David, and parents Ron & Virginia.

Just as Mike fought hard to overcome all the obstacles in his life, he fought his cancer bravely and with optimism, and continued to inspire us with his characteristic fortitude until the end. On his last day, Mike was surrounded by family and loved ones. His beloved and devoted wife Veronica was at his side every second, and despite the pain they endured together as Mike fought for his life, their love grew even deeper and brought them great peace and happiness. Mike and Veronica shared a true love and a beautiful relationship that inspired everyone around them. Born in Detroit, Mike lived in Southern California for most of his life, where he pursued a highly successful career in mortgage banking for over 20 years. Mike started in the industry as a Loan Officer, and went on to become Prospect Mortgage’s most profitable Divisional President. Mike was an American success story who earned his career advancement and substantial prosperity through discipline, faith in teamwork, and a never-ending desire to improve and grow stronger. Mike was humble in his success, and never arrogant. His natural confidence combined with a willingness to learn made Mike a natural leader who lifted up everyone around him with his triumphant spirit. Mike was a strong natural athlete in excellent shape who loved mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He was an annual competitor in the demanding Camp Pendleton 10K Mud Run, always finishing near the top of his class. Mike imparted his love of athletics and personal excellence to his children – both son Ryan and daughter Amanda are outstanding athletes and students. Ryan just started medical school at UC Irvine. Mike accomplished so many amazing things in his life, but his greatest pride was his children. He raised them to be confident, prepared, determined and remarkable at making things happen, just like their father. We are extremely saddened and heartbroken at the loss of Mike Moore, and our hearts go out to his extended family and many friends as they grieve and cope with the loss of an incredible father, leader and friend.

Although Mike’s battle in this life is over, his son Ryan will carry on Mike’s desire to help others through Live Moore, a non-profit organization with a mission to enhance the quality of life for families affected by cancer through financial assistance and emotional support.